Tuesday, March 13, 2012

20 week appointment

Well today was our Anatomy Scan! Baby was very good for the appointment except for kicking the camera and blocking where the camera was pointed- but hey, I hate pictures too :) But he/she was kicking, sucking its thumb, and smiling! It went incredibly well and we have a few really great photos! See below:

The pictures are obviously hard to get great quality because Im taking pictures of a picture but in person they're really great! Ok for the details:
Baby weighed 11 oz.
The heartbeat was 160 bpm
Baby is in the 64th percentile in overall size on a 1-100 scale
The black circle in the center of the profile photos is the heart!
Baby had its legs crossed the whole time but the doctor does know the sex of the baby.
And the surprise was almost spoiled three times. Yikes! 
Oh-and the very bottom photo the baby is smiling :D Cheese!


  1. Bre that is awesome so happy for you guys can't wait to meet him/her

    1. This is dustin m by the way

    2. Bre! ignore my last comment on your facebook. :) i read your blog and realized you didnt know the gendre of the baby. :) lol
      I wanted to say congrats to both of you guys on expecting the baby! :) and its almost been a year for your marraige! Congrats on that too!
      I LOVE the last picture of the peanut smiling. :) Pictures like that always melt my heart. :) Even though its a black and white photo, you can tell the baby will be beautiful, no matter what gendre it is. :)
      And by the way, Brooklyn was one of the names i wanted for a girl when Thomas and I have a baby. haha. :) Its such a beautiful name.<3
      I hope you enjoy your last few months of pregnancy and I miss you guys so much! Send me your address via facebook message so we can send you guys some baby stufff. :)