Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big girl talk

Well I know I've always been thin, butt-less, and not as "full figured" as most other girls my age... but I have always been aware of where I fell on the scale- not because I felt big but because there was an imaginary comfort weight that I wanted to stay within. So being pregnant has kept me even more "aware" and scared. I don't say these things to hear the "your skinny" comments, believe me. They're uncomfortable.

I guess I want to feel normal. But hey, I have a baby that constantly is growing so it's inevitable.
Although it's wonderful to hear other's stories about how little they were through their pregnancy, they gained less than 10 lbs, or whatever their miraculous glory pregnancy weight was.... That will not be the case for me.

I have gained three of the fifteen pounds my doctor wants me to gain by the end of the nine months and we're half way there. So I feel great about it. :p I'm not "bigger" than I'm supposed to be at this point and I am right on track. Although it is uncomfortable to put on extra weight Im going to embrace it.

So embrace it with me will you :)

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