Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Wait

I read a really wonderful article by another blogger named Katie on a topic that struck me twice this week.   Her "Just Wait" article reminded me of our entire engagement where family and friends gave the "Just wait- till.." unwanted advice.
  • "Just wait till you've been married twenty years"- on how much love we felt for each other
  • "Just wait till you're settled in"- on how excited we were coming home from our honey moon
  • Or the horrible "Just wait a few years"- on our values of marriage and our detest to divorce 
So I should have anticipated- headstrong, full forced, and ready with witty come backs to the 99% of our society that leaves the newly-engaged, newly-wed, newly-expecting, and newly-parents the "Just Wait" sentiments.

Call me crazy/looney/or too much of an optimist- but I don't want to hear the
  • Just wait till their older 
  • Just wait till it all comes back to you when they're a teenager
  • Just wait till - whatever dreadful memory their of children or own childhood that still haunts them.
I want to be infused with Joy. Love. Appreciation. and Excitement. YES! I know without a doubt that parenthood is-



And can down right make you want to cry.

But I want to choose to love every moment of every exhausting and frustrating God given day. We already are preparing baby for a loving welcoming to our world- we pray over baby every day, Cory talks to baby, touches, kisses, and admires with joy. And it's perfect. 

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