Sunday, March 11, 2012

Much needed face lift

    Happy Sunday y'all! Well, I don't know about my other worker bees but Im exhausted today. We've been spending Saturdays at our new home to work on needed repairs and give it a little face lift! Yesterday consisted of removing the remaining floors, painting, spackling, taping the rest of the house, and securing the storage shed. Whew. Here's a look into the day!

Cory removing remaining carpet in the nursery

Me and the dogs removing staples from the floor

 Ali and mom setting up to paint!

And me- checking on the girls

None of these colors are the colors we painted the walls, but we got a ton accomplished! Thanks to Meme- Our project manager!, Pepa- get out of his way or he'll take you out with whatever he's doing!, Momma- who always has a solution, Ali- willing to do anything no one else has patience for!, and Cory-tackling anything and everything!! These are the best workers there are ;) This week will be our biggest work week of all as all the kids are out for spring break and are wanting to help us tackle this! 

This weeks agenda:
Finish painting
Make a dent in installing the Laminate
Take out the walls to combine rooms 3&4 into one room
If were very lucky- carpet installation!

I know we will need all the help we can get when we're moving within the next couple of weeks because I sadly cannot lift and we have some massive furniture. Anyone that can take some time to help just send me an email or text me because we definitely need it! 


  1. It loooooks great!!! :) What an amazing job guys! That so awesome ya'll are going to be moving into that house. What a blessing. Love you girl.

  2. Thanks! We're just getting started but yes it is such a blessing! Love you too Lauren!