Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just another day in the L household

Just thought we'd share a picture of our amazing dinner last night that left me with heart burn that was worth it! We made stuffed bell peppers- The CB Litzner way ;) (very different)
Our stuffed peppers had mashed potatoes at the base
Browned beef that I mixed with onion, bell peppers, and serrano peppers, and a little rice
Topped with cheese and hot sauce:) YUM.

Anyways, well we've heard a few mutter disappointments about not knowing the sex of the baby- Especially when it comes to baby clothes and accessories. So I've looked at a few affordable websites that can bring hope people! ;) Here they are:

Khols neutral baby

Carter's neutral baby

Mothercare unisex baby

Things that aren't green or yellow: 

Onesies, printed tees, jeans, overalls, jammies, caps/hats, shoes.
Obviously we'll need basics- sleepers, cotton pants, socks, bibs etc... here's just an idea for what to look for in"outfits"such as- neutral stripes, jeans, bold colors, avoiding ruffles and bows, etc.

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