Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My beautiful husband

So planning a nursery and not knowing the sex of the baby can get pretty ugly...literally. Walking through stores and looking into catalogs are mildly depressing since there's close to nothing to choose from BUT we can do this right?! :) Cory really wants to wait to find out the sex of the baby so we're going to- I want him to feel a part of the baby bonding too! So it's a waiting game from here- and its tough for my strong dislike of surprises!

As we looked through the nursery catalogs together the other evening over dinner, Cory came up with the clever idea of buying NOTHING for the baby or the nursery until D-Day and we knew the sex of the baby.... not happening. :)

He really makes me laugh sometimes at his "insights" for how I should handle various obstacles through pregnancy or baby planning! Here is my favorite :)

One night as Im sitting on the couch eating two delicious chocolate pudding cups like a savage(without a utensil-gross I know) Cory ever so sweetly reminds me " You know, you won't always be able to eat whatever you want" :) Yes dear, I know.

So he decides since I dread going to the gym at rush hour with everyone else getting off of work that we will do a home workout we found online targeted for moms that are expecting! See workouts here.

I couldn't help but keep a smile on the entire time as I watched his legs and arms trembling and him breakout in the biggest sweat for the mild 30 minute workout! It's been about a week later and he's still very sore :) Somehow the workout comments have deflated- so I say I won ;)


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  2. That is absolutely hilarious! So do you do these workouts?

  3. Of course I do them! Maybe not every day but I try to ;) I did them right along with him! Who am I speaking with!? :) LOL it says anonymous!