Tuesday, February 21, 2012

16 weeks

I know I am 16 weeks late but HELLO! So far Im 16 wks 5 days and this whole journey has been a learning process with many excitements and milestones!
To catch everyone up:
We found out the day after Thanksgiving that we we're expecting and we're completely surprised! We were not planning to have children for 5-6 years so when the news came we were nervous, scared, excited, and curious of all that was ahead. We had a basic blood test to confirm the home test and it came back positive but the attending nurse gave us a "calculation" that we were already 13 weeks! Ummm- Yikes?! 
We scheduled an appointment with an OB-GYN who did a sonogram on our very first visit and reassured us that we were barely expecting- only 4-5 weeks- and we were able to see the tiny flicker of a heart beat! We felt much better knowing we had more time to plan and prepare! Our calculated date of "conception" was Cory's 25th birthday, and the doctor gave us an estimated due date of August 3rd.

So by week 16 we have had four visits with three sonograms and our baby is growing very quickly and is always measuring a few weeks ahead of schedule! :) We're so proud! In my last appointment we had a urine test taken that indicated I had "higher than normal" levels of protein and white blood cells in my urine which is usually an indicator of infection so we're waiting for other testing but it isn't anything that we have to worry about. Our next appointment is March 16th where we will get our best sonogram! It's our scheduled Anatomy Scan where we could find out the sex of the baby if we want to but we have made the decision to wait until D-Day! The Anatomy Scan is roughly a 30 minute sonogram and is a very detailed report and measurement of all of the baby's vital organs and a predictor for any possible abnormalities. So needless to say were very excited! :D I plan to try to post several times a week and to post pictures throughout the week for a track of my "growth" :( LOL. I'll keep you posted ;)

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