Monday, February 27, 2012

Everything else NBR

And here's to everything else Non-baby-Related!
Cory and I are moving this coming month and can't wait! We are moving all the way out to Bulverde TX in the home I lived in longest as a child (around 7 years). God has really blessed us with this opportunity! We were so nervous when we knew our lease was coming to an end in our very small over priced apartment, and that not only did we need more room, but also a yard, and for it to be much less than we were paying here. God answered our prayers and my family is currently working on renovations for us to make it a wonderful place for us and the baby! It is a 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home (2,000 sq ft) on over an acre of land and we're so excited!

This past weekend we picked out paint colors, and the color of wood were using for the floors, and have began the sweep through for cleaning and preparing us for demolition day! ;) (we're just painting and adding new floors for now)

We're planning a family work day out in the home for this Saturday to try and complete as much as we can, and Cory and I will most likely be spending his Spring Break to complete all of the work! So hopefully we can move in by the end of March!

Other than that,

  • Ali's team finished 4th for her NCAA conference finals this past weekend in Alabama! Go Ali!!!

  • Gran is currently undergoing various CT Scan's for an update on the tumor found in her Kidney. I just know God is going to completely heal her and she will be made new!

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  1. OK I dont see the follow me button...I am so excited for you two!